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    I am almost so happy!  My old Lightroom catalog has been recovered!


      I used Lightroom 3 on a Vista computer for a long time.  Backed up all my images to external hard drives but did not back up my catalog. Vista computer died last year where the Lightroom catalog was stored. I was told it would be a lot of money to repair the computer so I bought a new Windows 10 instead.


      Loaded Lightroom 3.6 onto the new computer, imported my images from the external hard drives and went back to work editing and importing new photos, thus starting a new catalog.


      Recently my old computer was brought back to life!  I copied the lrcat file from the old computer and pasted it into the folder of my new computer where the lrcat is located.  I opened up Lightroom, chose "Import Catalog" , selected the 'old' catalog which then opened a dialogue box requiring choices to be made.


      Please help me with the choices.


      New Photos, File Handling:  1. Add new photos to catalog without moving  or   2. Don't import new photos.  I think Don't Import is correct.


      Changed Existing Photos, Replace: 1. Metadata and develop settings only  or  2. Metadata, develop settings, and negative files.  I am confused about the negative files and the correct choice.


      Thanks for your attention, very grateful for your help.