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    Unable to turn phone on, what happens to pictures in lightroom app?




      I was using the lightroom app to edit pictures on my iphone 6. My iPhone randomly turned off and wouldn't turn back on, well it's on but the backlight is not working, and now Apple is saying there was liquid damage so they are unable to fix the issue and I have to get a new phone. Normally I back up all photos in iCloud, but I unfortunately ran out of storage so it hasn't backed up for about 2 months. I didn't realize that I hadn't set up an Adobe account and was just uploading photos onto the app and saving them in my camera roll. I was wondering if there is any way to access those photos still? Pretty bummed to have lost so many so trying any avenue to retrieve them.


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          D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

          Without an Adobe Account your images will not have been synced to the cloud. They will only be on the device.

          If its purely a screen display function/problem plug the phone into a Mac and launch Image Capture. you will then be able to download all the images currently in the Camera Roll.


          If you have more images not in the Camera Roll, you'll need another application. I recommend Phoneview. While this will recover all your images in the iPhone Camera app it will not reach in to the images in the Lightroom app. Or any other Image app.