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    Lightroom mobile sync not showing any files


      Hi all:


      I use mobile sync between my iMac and iPad. When I open Lightroom on brand new laptop, and sign in to my Adobe account, I don't see a synced catalog. There's just a blank catalog. My iMac and my iPad both see synced content and seem to sync nicely whenever I edit collections. However, the laptop does not, despite the fact that, on that laptop:


      • I am signed into my Adobe CC account (both in the Creative Cloud menu and in top left LR window)
      • Lightroom Mobile Sync is on.
      • I am logged in with my Adobe ID in the Lightroom Preferences with my proper Adobe ID.


      Screen shots attached.


      I had the same problem on another laptop I owned. I recently (today) bought a new laptop, and installed LR on it, deauthorizing the old one and authorizing the new one. The correct number of devices shows in my Adobe account online as does all my mobile content. If anyone has any ideas, I'd be grateful. Thanks.


      What am I missing?Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 7.59.39 PM.pnglaptop.png