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    opm File [subscription reverts to trial]


      I've had the adobe creative cloud for some time now, but recently it's been acting up lately. It recently said that I only had the trial version with 7 days left to use each app once I started. Even though I sighed it it still said I had the trial version. Once I ran out of trial time it wouldn't open unless I verified my account. I did that but it got stuck in a loop of verifying, saying that it was verifying my account and then closing out that window and then starting the verifying again over and over.


      I looked this up online and in the forums it talked about the opm file and how it had to be deleted so I dug into my computer, closed out any application that was using anything relating to adobe and finally deleted the opm file (I think). I still can't open premier pro though without getting in a loop of verification that auto opens and closed in 2 seconds.


      Any help is appreciated. I bought the creative cloud and am having a tough time dealing with this. Thank you.