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    Acrobat on Mobile design problem



      I am creating a PDF downloadable walking tour and map and would like to know if it is possible to create a PDF with a vertical as well as a horizontal swipe.

      Eg. At the moment I have 10 pages that swipe from left to right which is great, but having to constantly move back to the page with the map on it is a pain, even with a link on each page to get you back to it. What I am really wanting is to have the 10 pages that exist in a left to right line to also have a map below each page - so in practice wherever the user is on the original ten page horizontal 'timeline' they can swipe up and see the map, because there is the same map repeated in the 10 pages below the original ten pages - I hope this makes sense. My question is can this be done using a PDF or do I need to,consider some other software' if I do what?  Many thanks in advance for any help on this.