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    Unable To Preview Or Render: Corrupted Frames


      This is the second time i have started this discussion but i have learnt a lot more about it. Basically when I apply an effect inbuilt or third party. I will have this problem where either a frame may go black or when previewing it will randomly stop and then when i try to ram preview again it will play one frame and a tiny bit of audio then stop. If I try to render after this has happened i will get an error failed and be unable to fully render. I have tried cleaning my disk cache and i would try updating to version three but i have lost all my license info and file. Some of the simplest things may trigger this like importing footage, or even just adding a time remap it sucks and makes it impossible to finish an edit.


      Things You May Need To Know:

      Windows 64 Bit

      After Effects CC 2015



      Any Help is appreciated