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    Problem with colors in Lightroom (black color/shadows/artifacts)


      Hi i just imported some photos with dark places on them (shadows, night etc)

      and in library colors are ok, but once im in develope module, dark scenes change colors and there are even darker splashes (?)

      Its ok when i click on softproofing but its anoying , but if i untick that, dark colors are off again.



      Library - ok

      Soft proofing - ok

      when i export - ok

      develop - bad stains on dark part of photos



      Artefacts on dress in develop module:


      And this is how it looks like in library, soft proofing and export



      Another example:

      http://imgur.com/a/EOtbM The first pic is in develop, rest is library and softproofing. You can see black stains on her black shirt /back and TV

      It happens with every photo, doesn't matter if its from my olympus camera or iPhone.


      Im using macbook air 13, everything updated.