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    Problem downloading empty files from iPhone to Lr

    Gary Lum Level 1

      Hello, I'd really appreciate your help.

      Today I had two photographs added to my iPhone 6 Plus Lightroom Mobile.

      In Lightroom 2015.7 on my MacBookPro the files do not complete synchronisation.

      I decided to remove the photographs from Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone 6 Plus and deleted the images from my camera roll.

      I thought that would stop the synchronisation process. Lightroom on my MacBookPro is still trying to synchronise.

      I went into preferences and it looks like Lightroom is trying to download empty files from my iPhone 6 Plus.

      Please see the attached screen shot. I'd really appreciate help on getting this resolved.

      Thank you

      Screenshot 2016-10-01 19.23.36 copy.gif