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    Unable to sync LR mobile with LR Desktop




      I have LR mobile on my iPhone and I shoot few DNG pictures using the camera function. Now I would like to move these to my computer and I tried to sync the catalog. I am getting: "Sync this catalog instead?" and the software is asking me to delete ALL pictures. That is exactly the opposite of what I want to do.


      Few things I tried:

      • Download the DNG files from lightroom.adobe.com => I could only find a way to download a low resolution jpeg instead.
      • "Share" the DNG files from the phone to any other service/app => Not possible.
      • Download the files directly from the phone => It is an iPhone, no access to the file system unless it is jailbroken.
      • Find the old catalog on the desktop to enable LR mobile sync => That catalog is gone.
      • Google it/search on the forum => Could not fine anything besides using the old catalog that is already gone.


      Is there any other way to get the files out of LR mobile? It is quite frustrating.