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    Lightroom on a second computer


      Hello.  I'm new to Lightroom and I'm having some difficulty ... the situation is:


      I live in two different countries and I have an iMac in each country.  I successfully loaded Lightroom CC on the first desktop, imported some photos, did some editing, and life was good.  I also downloaded Lightroom CC to my mobile devices (an iPad Pro and an iPhone) without any problems.  And, I was able to see all the photos I previously loaded on my desktop.  Life was still good.


      But then, I went abroad and downloaded Lightroom CC to my second iMac desktop.  I had no problem downloading the software, but I am unable to view any of my photos/images.  In other words, my catalog is empty.  Just for fun, I hit the import button, but that does nothing.  I also tried "Sync with Lightroom Mobile," but that gives me a dialog box warning that I need to delete previously synced photos.  I don't want to do that because I'm afraid I'll lose the previous images that I need and want.  When I log onto Adobe online, I see that my images are there.  But, I don't want to have to work online.  (In this second country, I don't have a consistent internet connection.)


      Can anyone help me figure this out?

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are working on 2 computers, it's best to store the the catalog as well as the raw images on an external disc and move the disc forward.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            LR Mobile is for syncing one computer and one LR catalog to multiple mobile devices. So it is no good for what you want to do.



            Your only options are

            1) Store both the LR catalog and all your images on an external drive and move the drive from Mac to Mac.

            2) Store only the image files on an external drive and enable the option in the Catalog settings to write changes to XMP and then again move the external drive from Mac to Mac.


            With that XMP option checked all actual image edits are written to the XMP sidecar file so they stay with the image. Otherwise the edits are only written to the catalog file so you have to move the catalog file from Mac to Mac for them to show up.

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