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    Importing pictures from Adobe Cloud




      I am relatively new to adobe using Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC since about six months, after I had to move from Aperture

      Anyhow, I still seem to misunderstand the architecture behind Lightroom and the Cloud scenario behind it.


      Here is my problem:


      I am using an Apple iMac of which the 3TB Fusion HDD broke down recently. I do have a time Machine Backup (plus two backups of the Backup) but for some odd reason, Time Machine on the new installation does not recognise the TM Backup done before.

      Having said that, I am working with Apple on that problem and this is not the subject of discussion here.


      However, with regards to the pictures I felt rather comfortable, as I have all the pictures available in the Adobe Cloud with my Adobe subscription as I am using Lightroom on my iMac as well as mobile.

      Now, after the HD has been changed I reinstalled Lightroom on the new drive ... being sure I would be able to access the pictures in the Adobe Cloud. Mistake on my side, I cannot import the picture from the cloud into my new Lightroom library, even worse, if I am trying to sync, the system tells me that I first have to delete the previously synced photos. See as follows:


      Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 13.53.24.png


      This is somewhat odd, one would expect that I can open a new library and sync it with my existing collection, right?! If I am using two computers, I would also need to access the same pictures in the cloud and would expect these to be synced with the library on the 2nd computer.


      Either I am completely misunderstanding the architecture behind this concept, or I am simply not seeing a simple solution.


      Any help is highly appreciated!


      Thanks a lot!