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    InDesign CC sync causing intermittent crash?

    Mr_Bimg Level 1

      We are having issues with intermittent documents freezing (beach ball spinning) and have to force quit. My wife and I are syncing project files with two individual accounts in the same office. We've had no problems with this system up until a couple days ago. It seems to be when one of us leaves the mac for awhile, comes back and syncing starts, this will trigger the other persons file to freeze. For instance, my wife was working fine all day on the same files, and as soon as I got home and opened another doc within same project, her IND file was frozen. Seems the only workaround is a complete system restart.


      Here is what I've done so far to troubleshoot:

      • All fonts in files are confirmed clean and working properly (Avenir LT Std and Adelle (synced from Typekit). All typekit fonts are working and synced.
      • All graphics are linked and seem to be stable.
      • I've deleted all unused Para, Text and Object styles.
      • Both of us have reset IND preferences.
      • There are no idlk files and we've both said No to recovery.


      Yesterday I noticed when signing into Manage Account on Creative Cloud, our plan did not load and had an error. We were on chat yesterday and Adobe said they had known issues and when we returned later our CC plan loaded. I feel like there is an issue with Creative Cloud but haven't seen any other reports in the forums.


      Aside from reinstalling CC, any ideas?





      Both of us are using:

      Indesign CC 2015 (2015.4)

      El Capitan 10.11.6

      FontAgent Pro (and Fontbook)