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    32bit or 64bit help

    Elizabeth A

      Okay this is a can of worms. I finished a Wedding in my old 32 bit os running Windows 8.1 Professional- It would not completely burn a blu ray on this. So I bought a new computer with a 64 bit os running Windows 10. More speed, more memory blah blah blah. I have all the Wedding footage on a external drive and thought I would be able to run it on the new computer. I purchased a transfer files -from one computer to the new computer. I can open it in PE 14 but it doesn't really play- then it freezes up.


      1) do I need the 64 bit version of PE 14 and if I do what about the Wedding I created on the other operating system. will it open with the new version of PE 14 -64   I am thinking probably not??????


      I edited Weddings for 14 years - and never had so much trouble - Please help anyone  so I can move on with this


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The program can install as 32 bit or 64 bit, but that doesn't affect the project files. I believe the project files are identical.


          But I assume you've moved your project files and media files over from the external drive to your computer's hard drive, right?


          And is it safe to assume that you're trying to edit your videos in the same version of the program as you created the project in? You're not trying to open a version 12 project in version 14 or anything like that, right?


          Premiere Elements is not always backward compatible. You must complete your project in the same version of the program you started it in. If you try to open an old project with a newer version of the program, it can corrupt the file and make it unusable.


          Which version(s) of the program did you and are you working in?