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    Poor export quality


      I uploaded some gopro footage shot in 720 at 60 fps. I made sure all the settings in adobe matched and its clear at first but after i do some slight color correction the video gets all pixelated. Im on a 64 bit PC and was wondering if this poor quality can be fixed in my export options or is that just what adobe premiere does to the videos?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you add your first clip to your timeline, is there a yellow-orange "render" line above the clip? Is so, this indicates that you do not have a perfect match between project settings and video specs. This doesn't mean Premiere Elements will change any color values, but if you do not have a match, the video will not edit as efficiently or effectively.


          If you do NOT see a render line above the clip, then your video specs match your project settings and the program is editing natively -- which means that it is editing your video as is and is not in any way altering the video.