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    Internal error when trying to set up plugins

    dunaz Level 1

      Thoughts, suggestions, etc for the following will be Greatly Appreciated:


      I have been trying to set up flickr and 500px publishing. When I click on the set up button, I get this message:


      An internal error has occurred.

      ?:0: attempt to index field 'exportSettings' (a nil value)


      It doesn't go to the dialog box to set up the services. Additionally, when I add the plugins for both of the above, it does not "remember" the authorization.


      Mac OS 10.11.6

      Lightroom CC 2015.7 (Build 1090788)


      I have tried trashing preferences, renaming the presets folder, as well as trying to track down all the appropriate files and make sure the permissions are set correctly.


      One thing that I haven't done is uninstall/reinstall. Because I don't know if it'll mess with my catalog, so if someone can advise on that, thanks.


      I have read Marco Borzacconi's post about messing with the actual database file, but if there's something I can do before I get that deep into things I'd appreciate any other suggestions.


      Thanks all!