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    3g-sdi pattern generator


      Hi All,

      I'm a new TVS engineer, it arrives tomorrow hopefully.

      I will be using it for AV/ jobs as well as for live camera switching at events.

      Conference presenters use their own laptops at 1024 x 768 or 1280x1024 most of the time but sometimes we get other inputs to use like CV, S-video etc. so i'm looking to add a flexible multi-input SDI Pattern solution to one or 2 of the Production TVS hdmi and sdi inputs.

      I've checked the Compatible Equipment page, very useful, it shows the QuestTel 3G/HD-SDI Pattern Generator passed at 1080P
which not only runs at 1080P but also has lots of useful twin inputs.


      My finger is poised over a BUY_IT button but before i hit it are there any user experiences with this unit, or if there is a similar product i've not found yet in this price area?