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    Using LR on iPad and Desktop workflow

    yodobe23 Level 1

      Currently I use Apple iCloud and Lightroom 5 on desktop. iPhone photos are synced via iCloud which are downloaded to the desktop automatically. When I start Lightroom on desktop it auto imports photos from the iCloud directory.


      I would to do edit photos with Lightroom on the iPad It keep using iCloud. Edited photos would be saved back to Camera Roll. this the edited photos from Lightroom would be saved on desktop via iCloud. Then when I start Lightroom it would still auto import the iCloud photos directory like before. Is this possible without using Adobe sync?


      Is it possible to not use Adobe sun and keep using Apple iCloud while editing photos with Lightroom on iPad and desktop? I'm confused about the workflow. I don't want to use Adobe sync because of the 2gb limit in which I'd have to constantly manually delete photos that are already backed up.