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    InDesign Data Merge to include MS Word & PDF Files


      I am creating a large data merge spreadsheet which includes many images (using the @ field indicator) and i also need to include various PDF files and also Word Documents. The purpose is to create a bespoke book whereby the unique variable content is greater than a small amount of text, say for example a page - which would be a Word doc or a PDF. I guess i'm looking for a field indicator in the field name similar to the "@" for an image that would instruct InDesign to insert the file rather than the field contents which i have as the file name, as you would with an image.


      The book is 52 pages and approximately 60% of the content will be generic, the remainder will vary based on the the person the book is intended for.


      It is intended for delegates at en event and needs to be repeatable for future events where all of the data will change. Effectively i'm looking to create and template which will be entirely populated from the data source but to a layout set in In Design.


      I hope that this relatively clear and could really do with some help; please:)


      Many thanks. David