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    Scripts and Xtags

    sharon newick

      I'm creating a desk diary but need to run a script and xtags into the document but it won't work.

      The process I've followed is:

      Created master page with the necessary styles and threaded boxes

      Run the dates script which has placed Day, date & month at the top of each column for a whole year. As you would see in a week to view diary.

      I then want to run xtags onto these pages showing various other bits of information. When I run the Xtags file it won't fall onto the correct pages.

      However, if I cut the scripted dates out Xtags will run fine but when I paste the dates back in it won't flow into the threaded boxes.


      It seems I can only only have one set of auto-flow boxes on a master.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks