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    Please help - Adobe charges without warning

    Frustrated Adobe User 999 Level 1

      After being a loyal Adobe user for years, I changed my screen name to frustrated Adobe user after a horrible experience with my Creative Cloud membership. It slipped my mind that my Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Plan is expiring. Last month, I received an email from Adobe that "Your membership has been changed from paid to free" because my membership has expired, and that I should update my payment information if I would like to continue with my paid membership. There was nothing in the email about how much the renewal would cost. It was a busy month, so I let what I thought was the "free membership" continue. I did NOT receive any email from Adobe after that. I went through my inbox and even my spam folder to double check and there was really none.


      Today, I received my credit card statement, and Adobe charged me the equivalent of $300 for a one year renewal! Last year, my plan cost less than $200. I checked the website, and Student and Teacher for my country is still the equivalent of less than $200. However, it states on my membership page that the cost for me is already $300 and they can increase at any time without prior notice. I do not need all the apps in Student and Teacher so for me, it is worth getting that over the Photography Plan only at $200, and not at $300.


      I immediately contacted Adobe Customer Support. According to them, they cannot do anything since the 15-day grace period had elapsed. However, I was not even informed when this started. Shouldn't Adobe have sent an email when this started? Also, in my credit card statement, I was charged last 9/22 which is definitely less than 15 days ago.


      Is there anything that can be done? Can they really do this? First, they charged me after informing me that "your membership has been transitioned from paid to free". Second, they suddenly increased the price by more than 50% above the rate that is CURRENTLY advertised in their website. Customer support told me that they really increase the price after the first year of membership. Adobe really punishes its loyal users!


      In Adobe's case, it seems to be buyer beware. You really have to keep track of your membership and the charges, not like in other membership plans where you receive an email that you will be charged a certain amount on a certain date. After you are charged, you receive another email that you were charged, so you can really respond within the grace period. I am just disappointed that a company as legitimate, established and supposedly professional as Adobe would do this. I would appreciate suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like you didn't pay much attention to the license agreement that you accepted when you signed up for a subscription.  Just about everything you are objecting to is detailed in it.  If you read thru it and can find something was done that was not identified in the agreement then you should definitely contact Adobe Customer Support and pursue resolution.  Since I am not an employee I have no way of determining what subscription you signed up for without you identifying it, but I can say that it is normal for some plans to increase in price after the first year.

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            Frustrated Adobe User 999 Level 1

            I just realized, aren't businesses required to email receipts for purchases, even online purchases? I have several other online memberships, and for all of those other memberships, I get a receipt for each renewal. If they had sent me a receipt, then I would have been informed to be able to cancel the membership within the 15 day period set by Adobe.

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              Frustrated Adobe User 999 Level 1

              Thanks for replying! Yes I did see on my membership page that they can increase the price anytime. However, I checked the license agreement and I don't see anything that exempts them from issuing a receipt like all other companies do. They can increase the price all they want but they should still email a receipt or at least a notification after they have charged me. That way, if the price is unacceptable I could have cancelled the membership within the 15 day period.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                As Ned said, other users can't help


                While the forums are open 24/7 you may not contact Adobe support at all times

                Chat help: Mon - Fri  5am - 7pm  (US Pacific Time) <=== NOTE DAYS AND TIME

                Be sure to remain signed in with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

                Creative Cloud support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)


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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  While I cannot disagree that it is best practice to provide an invoice/receipt when you accept (or take) payment from a customer, Adobe apparently can.  They do provide the option to get a receipt...


                  Print a payment receipt or invoice | Creative Cloud


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                    DebErney Level 1

                    Taking web design classes at a community college required a Adobe Creative Cloud account which,

                    I signed up for 1 year at $19.99.


                    Checking my bank account I noticed price increase on my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription of $11.

                    I tried to contact Adobe to find out why the price increase and was told the $19.99 was a 1 year

                    introductory rate, even though I was assured, repeatedly, by Adobe when I purchased the subscription on 8-20-2015, that rates had not increased since 2012 and an increase was highly



                    After talking to Adobe (once through Adobe online support and once by phone) I was told there was

                    nothing they could do about the price increase.  I told them I would call back to cancel my subscription after Final Cut Pro was purchased for me. 


                    The next day when tried to cancel my adobe creative cloud I was told I had to pay $168+ (before account would be cancelled) because I had signed up for an ANNUAL subscription and even though the 1 year subscription had ended in August, Adobe automatically renewed my subscription and raising the price by $11 without any notification.


                    I received no notification that this renewal was taking place.  I was assured during initial

                    Sign up this plan would remain the same price. 


                    Checking my original sign up email, received from Adobe, on signup in 8-20-2015, there is no indication or mention of automatic renewal nor penalty for discontinue after the one year contract has been completed and paid for in full.  My 1 year subscription was complete on 8-20-2016.


                    As a student this subscription was mandatory with the community college I intended

                    and I kept it for one year. 

                    I no longer take classes that require Adobe products and have no further use for Adobe products.


                    I plan to contact COLLEGE OF THE MAINLANDS to make sure they are aware of Adobe

                    Practices of auto lock in after contract term is up and Adobe’s refusal to cancel this subscription (AFTER I’VE COMPLETED AND PAID A 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION) without an additional payment of



                    I am incredibly disappointed in the support (lack of) I've received trying to remedy this.

                    After my purchase of FINAL CUT PRO, I was told the original price of $19.99 would be honored,

                    But, I no longer need 2 editing programs and I no longer have school requirements to

                    have Adobe Cloud For Students.


                    This is a very dark policy you have pertaining to auto renewal without any approval or



                    As of today I have filed charge disputes with my credit card company as well as my bank as well as uninstall all Adobe programs from my computer and tablet.







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                      Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

                      Hi Deb,


                      I have responded to your query in .https://forums.adobe.com/message/9094257?tstart=0#9094257


                      However I would also request you to always go through terms & conditions prior to any purchase.




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                        ianr38791424 Level 1



                        recently signed io a £19.99 subscription to Adobe Stlock with one free month which I am half way through now but for some reason I Have had four charges to my account for £7.19. Does anyone know what these charges are for. I'm supposed to have 10 free image Licences, I've only used 4.