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    APE 14 Exporting a Title, Show Credits

    Phil.com Level 1

      APE 14 -  I want to export a title, long credits, from one show to another. I want to be able to update it in the second show.   I can’t seem to get an editable copy in the second show using export, I just get a picture of the first credits.


      I don’t want to do the credits again when I have a very good one in the first show, can this be done? 


      Thank you.

      Cheers! Phil

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The way to do this in Premiere Elements is to open the original project with the title and save it as a different name.  Then delete the old media and add the new media and create the second show.


          If you have already created the second show, then you can export (share) it and bring that into the new project, but you will not be able to change any of the edits in the show.


          Premier Pro has the ability to use parts of one project in another without losing the ability to edit it.