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      I get a message stating lightroom cant open because another app already has it open, I have read that i ned to delete the lock file, but it is not with the other lightroom files, only the .lrcat file is present

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you sure? The lock file will have the same name as your catalog but with the .lock extension. It should be in the same folder as your catalog.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            And you have your OS set to show all the file extensions? Both Mac and Windows have that option turned off by default (for some completely stupid reason). So if you are seeing one file that says Lightroom with no extension and another that is named Lightroom.lrcat that one is probably the .lock file as only the last extension gets hidden from your view.

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              doug581968 Level 1

              yes. i only have backups, download backups, previews, lightroom 5 catalog, and lightroom 5 catalog.lrcat.

              cant open the main catalog to look for the lock file because i get the same message that prevents me from opening lightroom in the first place

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                doug581968 Level 1

                @just shoot me.

                I deleted the .lrcat file and it opened but I lost 5 folders from lightroom all of which contained hundreds of photos with hours of editing already done. i restored it and then was once again unable to open lightroom once again

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                  dj_paige Level 9

                  Perhaps you are looking at the wrong catalog file.. Use your operating system's search feature to search for all .LRCAT files, and make sure that the .lock files in that same folder are deleted.

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                    Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                    My previous post was to try to get you to turn on the option to "Show File Extensions". Not to delete something that you weren't sure was the LOCK file.


                    What type of computer are you using? Mac or Windows?


                    With either there is an option to show file extensions but to point you to that I need to know what OS you are running.