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    Shallow depth of field


      Any shallow depth of field photo that I submit seems to get rejected as being "out of focus".  Is that other people's experiences as well?

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          yes I just had one rejected

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            Knobren Level 1


            Images like this keep getting rejected for being "out of focus".  The main subject is in focus to my eyes.

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              Knobren Level 1


              This was rejected for being "our of focus", too.

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                This one was rejected for being out of focus. To me the Bird is tack sharp. The apples in the back ground are not. I guess they want everything in focus throughout the entire frame even behind the main subject, no Bokeh. I'm not even sure that is possible because bokeh is dependent on the lens. (see below)











                  the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens."a quick, visual survey of the foreground and background bokeh of a variety of lenses"


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                  They dont get the artistic mode of photography it seems. Which makes me wonder how the software works so well. Or is it really limited?

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                    Has anyone gotten a response ? Are photos with shallow depth of field automatically rejected ? I also see this problem with reflections. I have a photo of Yoemite that  has EL Capitan reflected in the river. The entire image is sharp but obviously due to a thin layer of ice and the properties of water the reflection in the water is "out of focus".

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                      JC926 Level 1

                      Yes, I had one rejected for "out of focus", even though I intentionally let the background elements fall out of focus. It seems they prefer the entire primary subject to be in focus.

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                        MatHayward Adobe Employee

                        You can submit images with a shallow depth of field. There are no automatic rejections, each image is looked at by a person. It can be a subjective matter so they could be seeing something completely different than what you see. It's important to note that the images are being zoomed in to 100% to ensure sharpness so what you might be seeing in a low rez, small preview file could be different at full rez. Based on what I'm seeing here, the chest feathers of the bird look sharp but the rest is a very slightly soft. This type of image will be looked at with more scrutiny because the subject matter is so common. We have nearly 1 million images with the keyword bird in them. For a new bird photo to be accepted it needs to be AMAZING. This photo is fine, but that's not enough to get approved at this point.


                        The caterpillar shot appears sharp where it is connected to the branch on the right. The head looks very soft to me.


                        The bird with the berries looks to be over-sharpened to me. The same thing I mentioned earlier applies here. Photos of birds need to be perfect. This in my opinion is has been over-processed.


                        Again...this is a subjective process and my opinion is just that...an opinion. Keep shooting and submitting and thanks for using the forum!


                        Mat Hayward

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                          Vittoria Coffee Level 1

                          Sorry but the bird is definitely not sharp to my eyes.

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                            Vittoria Coffee Level 1

                            The Caterpillar is also out of focus