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    CSS & Flex

    istrasci Level 1
      I searched a little for this but couldn't find anything. I'm wondering if Flex components nicely support the media-print functionality of CSS. It seems like they should, but I have never used it, so I don't know.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          I do not know what "media-print functionality of CSS" is, but Flex does not really support CSS. It supports CSS-like syntax and behavior.

          See the docs is your best bet.
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            Richard_Abbott Level 3
            I have used media=print successfully in style sheet declarations, and so far as I can tell Flex does not support this. Indeed, if you just try to print out a web page with a Flex app then the result is browser-dependent. By far the most successful way to print from Flex is to use the PrintJob object. This basically involves creating a second Flex app loosely based on the first one but with components rearranged for printing (for example, the various pages of an accordion arranged in a vertical grid or VBox). The values of the second app are then populated from those of the first so that the actual data values agree.

            You can find a number of examples in blogs etc, one such is at
            but there are plenty of others.
            Hope that helps,