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    Check boxes uncheck upon next action

    rsbisa Level 1

      I've place two check boxes adjacent to each other, "Wellness" and "Tobacco". User can check one, both, or none. The default is unchecked. I also have a text field that, if Wellness or Tobacco are checked, "Claiming the wellness credit" and/or "Claiming non-Smoker Credit".


      Everything works fine, until it doesn't.


      When I check the Wellness box, the message appears (good!). But, when I check the Tobacco box, the Wellness message and Wellness check disappears. Same happens if I first check Tobacco, as well. I can then re-check the newly empty check box and both boxes remain checked with their respective messages - until I move to the next, different item and both check boxes empty out again. Plus, I have a button, Calculate!, that runs all calculable form fields. This, too, empties the check boxes.


      I need for both boxes to remain checked and return a value of 1.