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    How do I stop Lightroom from syncing individual photos after they've been imported to my desktop catalog?

    digitaloxygen Level 1

      Here's my workflow:

      1. Photo is auto added to LR mobile app
      2. Photo syncs to LR desktop catalog
      3. Photo is moved from iPhone > Imported Photos folder to my regular locations (ex: Macintosh HD\Photos)


      Now that this photo is in my regular work in LR desktop I want to remove it from LR mobile to free up space and clutter, but I can't see a way to do that from the LR desktop app.  The photo still has the little icon on the thumbnail that indicates it's being sync'd to LR mobile, but there is no option to stop syncing it like there is on sync'd collections themselves.


      If I go into the LR mobile app or the cloud (lightroom.adobe.com) and remove / delete form there it gives the desired results but having to move to flip over to the cloud or my smartphone to complete the workflow is a pain.


      Can this be done via LR desktop?