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    Overriding HTMLLoader.Load() method

      I am trying to override the HTMLLoader Load method to check the content type. If the content type is not text/html or text/plain, then a download window is supposed to open. All of this is working, except the web page is not being displayed in the <mx:HTML> control now. Here is the overridden code and supporting functions:

      public class Html_download extends HTMLLoader
      public override function load(urlRequestToLoad:URLRequest):void {
      trace("custom load");
      var urlload:URLStream=new URLStream();

      public function typechecker(event:HTTPStatusEvent) {
      trace("checking type");
      for (var i:int=0;i<event.responseHeaders.length;++i) {
      if (event.responseHeaders .name=="Content-Type") {
      trace("type is "+event.responseHeaders
      trace("text/html search result: "+event.responseHeaders .value.search("text/html"));
      trace("text/plain search result: "+event.responseHeaders
      trace("response url: "+event.responseURL);
      if ((event.responseHeaders .value.search("text/html")==-1)&&(event.responseHeaders.value.search("text/plain")==-1)) {
      var fr:FileReference=new FileReference();
      fr.download(new URLRequest(event.responseURL));

      How do I remedy the situation?

      Thank you in advance for your hellp.

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          fireworld2406 Level 1
          Maybe the HTML control doesn't like overridden methods? I tried basically recreating the entire class by using "super.methodname()" for every function where it was allowed and it still doesn't work......
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            fireworld2406 Level 1

            I did a little bit more investigating and found that
            a) No "complete" event is ever received (even if manually sent via this.dispatchRequest(new Event(Event.COMPLETE));)
            b) The loaded property never changes to true
            c) I am doing something wrong with how I am assigning the different class for HtmlLoader because even if I assign a regular HTMLLoader class in the same way (html1.htmlLoader=test), it still doesn't work.

            I also found a property called HtmlLoaderFactory. I have no idea how to use it though. If someone could explain how to use it, I would be most grateful.

            Thank you for your help in advance.