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    Print issues with Lightroom 6.7


      I have an Epson Artisian 1430 Printer and I have problems printing pictures with Lightroom 6.7, which has all the recent updates.  I tried printing several 8 X10 color photos with Lightroom.  Each one came out with numerous streaks,  parallel to each other and running top to bottom. The streaks were more noticeable in darker pictures.   When  I tried printing the same image with  IrfanView and another image viewer, the images came out perfectly, without streaking.  I contacted Epson support and he advised me that there were issues with Lightroom which caused streaking when used to print photos with Epson Artisian.  This being so, what is Adobe doing to resolve the issue.  Using Lightroom, is great for workflow.  Going from viewing, to editing, to printing. I have downloaded all recent update, but the problem persists.  I hope that this issue can be resolved.