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    Screen positioning of movie (Z-Indexing, etc)

      Hi Guys,

      I have recently developed a flash movie for the Home page of my current employer. I am happy with everything about the movie, except for the fact that it does not allow a site menu to appear over it.

      The home page is: http://www.systemcontrol.com.au/store/default.asp

      The challenge is with the Javascript (products) menu on the left of the page. The top menu items, which are;

      1). Accessories
      2). Burner Controls / Flame Safeguards / Flame Detectors - UV
      3). Electrical
      4). Flow Switches / Pressure Switches / Time Switches / Leakage Detection

      all display under the flash menu. I would like for the javascript menu to have Z index prominence over the flash movie.

      If anybody could point me in the right direction toward my goal of having the javascript menu hover over the flash movie it will be greatly appreciated. Tutorials, examples, code, etc is all welcome.

      Thanks very much for your time.

      Kind Regards,