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    All DNG photos from iPhone 6s+ disappeared

    ahmad ridzwanb50545458 Level 1



      I have just come back from a vacation where I took quite a bit of RAW photos on my phone with the Lightroom app. I am a paid Creative Cloud subscriber so I thought this morning I would try out the Lightroom Mobile sync and process the photos I took on my computer, rather than the small screen of my phone.
      When I tried to, Lightroom warned me that I can only have one catalog and asked me if I wanted to make a new one, not realizing that deleting the old catalog meant that all the RAW photos I took on the Lightroom app would be deleted! So I opened up Lightroom app and all my photos are gone and I am now panicking a little.


      Is there anything I can do to recover the photos I took from my trip? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Ahmadridzwanb,


          Since Lr Mobile currently only supports one catalog at a time the previous connected catalog will be purged.I am afraid to say this but the synced data once deleted cannot be recovered.

          I will still ask the concerned team to look into your account and possibly try to recover what they can.




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            ahmad ridzwanb50545458 Level 1

            Thank you Akash for the quick reply. Please let me know if they are successful.




            Ahmad Ridzwan

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              cecilc Level 1

              Hello. I have a very similar situation. I have lost about 700+ photos in the app version. Before the sync to my Lightroom desktop version, I can view all of these photos between 3 of my mobile devices. Most of them are my holiday photos processed but not saved yet. I see that this app is taking up about 2GB of space in my iPhone 7 ( the main device ). Do you mean to say that there is no way I could recover all of those processed photos even if it says it is occupying 2GB of space in my iPhone? Please don't say so that all those hours of hard work are for nothing. Please don't say so that Adobe made such a flawed software that compromised other peoples hard work. Thank you for your would be advice.