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    Purchase a single image


      I see the text to purchase the image for €9.99 - but I don't see a way to purchase the image?


      When I click License & Open nothing happens.


      I don't want to subscribe - I just want to pay the 9.99 for the 1 image.


      Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 09.35.38.png

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          snapc47516998 Level 1

          Needed to get this done and it wasn't obvious how to purchase a single image. I tried in 3 different browsers, Firefox, Chrome and Safari and when I click on Licence and Open (+symbol shopping cart) icon - nothing happened.


          Was able to get the same image from iStock for €1 cheaper.

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            EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

            Hi Snap,


            I apologize for the issue you encountered when attempting to purchase stock. There was an issue with one of our systems that may have prevented you from purchasing. I would like to confirm that with you. Could you message me privately?



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              BeaconHRA Level 1

              This is still an issue.  What is the resolution?  I am trying to purchase 8 images and have tried from numerous browsers.  I do not want to subscribe.  It shouldn't take this much effort to purchase something.  I have the images I want in my Library.  It is now taking me longer to make this purchase than it did for me to select the 8 images.  Help!