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    InDesign - "Document fonts" vs "Fonts" - Mac

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      Hi Folks,


      If someone can help us with this, much appreciated! We've run into a small problem which we're not sure how to tackle. We have packaged mechanicals from InDesign (CS6, CC2014 and CC2015), a GAZILLION of them, where some of the fonts (1 or 2) in the 'Document Fonts' folder, created by the package export from InDesign, are not being recognized. Font(s) not found. Yet, when we copy these exact fonts to the 'Fonts' folder in the root of the InDesign application folder, the mechanical opens with all fonts and no error.


      Any clue as to what the difference is between the 2 folders and why one works and not the other? We're afraid to send these packaged jobs out with the idea that the end freelancer may also run into the same problem and not know how to proceed. And we found the same result in both El Capitan (10.11.4) as well as in Yosemite (10.10.5). InDesign fully up to date across all version. No font manager installed.


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