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    Artifacts Problem


      Please could you help me understand why this image was rejected due to " Unfortunately, during our review we found that it features excessive post-processing and/or noise, so we can't accept it into our collection" it doesn't show any noise on my screen


      Cape Sugarbird on Pincushion Fynbos, South Africa.jpg

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          That looks pretty clean to me Marion. What is the image number? I would like to look at the full resolution file at 100%.


          kind regards,


          Mat Hayward

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            marionb66481661 Level 1

            The image is File ID: 122383449

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              marionb66481661 Level 1

              The image is File ID: 122383449

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                MatHayward Adobe Employee

                Thanks for the number. I checked the file at 100% and it looks good to me. I have put the image online. It's a nice photo, keep them coming!


                -Mat Hayward

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                  Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                  I have also a problem with rejection because of artifacts. But I don't see any. Common detail of all images are water drops reflection, but these are the most important part of these images and no artifacts in any way:

                  ID: 122806890

                  ID: 122806881

                  ID: 122806854

                  ID: 122806842

                  ID: 122806800

                  ID: 122806778

                  ID: 122690843

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                    I also have a problem with rejection due to artifacts.  A couple of them I can understand, i.e., they had significant post-processing.  But two images with minimal post-processing puzzle me:

                    ID: 124539762

                    ID: 124539551

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                      I have the same problem with many photos.

                      File ID: 127110582

                      File ID: 127108395

                      File ID: 127107309

                      File ID: 126888719

                      File ID: 126888584

                      File ID: 126887319

                      File ID: 126886682

                      File ID: 126886498

                      File ID: 127110686

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                        hi can you also please check my images?

                        thank you in advance...












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                          Mike Bowes Level 1

                          The image may be a little over-sharp. I find when I do that, the smooth surfaces, as in this the background of this image , you get a kind of gritty look. If you use the Camera Raw Mask, and crank it right up 'till you get only the outlines, or the essentials, you will get a better result.

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                            Sherwood.Martinelli Level 1



                            We spoke on one of the other forum boards...lounge.   I've taken your advice, and uploaded quite a few additional pictures...think I've gone to 167 accepted images from 50, and have another 87 still being looked at.


                            My issue...I think someone(s) are way to aggressive in their use of the artifacts rejection...I am sure I've summated pieces that deserve this and other classifications, but there are a whole of others where the rejection makes ZERO sense to me...I say this as these are photos that have A) sold for me on other sites and/or shows, or B) won awards in a photographic contest, or C) are among my most viewed or awarded on Viewbug who is pushing our members over here.


                            I also find the intellectual rejections at times rather WRONG.  I understand I am not going to win that argument, but seems you people are overly aggressive in deciding what is intellectually protected.


                            Is there a way to get pictures rejected given another look without going through my files and resubmitting each one of them one at a time....I'm trying to reach your suggested number of 1000 images to give Adobe Stock a fair chance, but your Artifacts Rejection category at times seems a quick way for someone who is getting paid to judge picture to meet their quota, rather than giving each photograph a fair look, seeing how it holds together as a whole picture, rather than finding one little supposed flaw that allows them to kick it out of the mix and be a step closer to their needed number of pictures judged to get paid.


                            Sherwood Martinelli