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    IBM Notes export to pdf




      We do have here a pc running Windows 7 64 bits who has a licensed version of Adobe Acrobat Standard DC (version 2015.006.30201).

      Also IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP6 is installed on this machine.

      When consulting the compatibility between PDF maker and Web browsers and applications, I see this should be supported:

      But for one of other reason I do not get this options on the IBM notes client, there is no "PDF Maker" toolbar at  all!!!

      Office does not have this issue and I can export from exce/wordt to pdf with out problem at all.


      Doing the same on a test pc where Adobe Acrobat PRO DC (version 2015.006.30201) is installed (trial version), I am able to see this "PDF Maker" toolbaar and so I can export mails from IBM Notes to pdf's.....


      Can someone at Adobe clarify me whether the Standard version does support the PDF maker or not???


      Thanks in advance,



      Ricard Malvesi