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    Digital Editions could not connect to fulfillment server


      Trying to download purchased google PDFs and EPUBs directly into Adobe Digital Editions.

      I get the message "Connection Error Detected" Digital Editions could not connect to the fulfillment server. Please make sure you are connected to the internet."

      I am definitely connected, have turned wifi on and off, and can obviously download a book, since another book worked. I have been having this problem with all the books on my iPad pro, and have even deleted and reinstalled the Digital Editions app. Any suggestions? I really need these expensive books for school, groan!

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          Hi There,


          I see your question, posted MONTHS ago still hasn't been answered.  I just got off the chat line with customer support to try to get an answer to this, and was told after wasting 40 minutes that the answers are in the forums, and they can't do anything to help because Editions is a free product, so they can't help you with it.  I like how "experts answer 24/7" here, what a lie.  I hope you figured it out and I hope I figure it out because Adobe certainly doesn't care and doesn't check these forums.