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    problem saving pdf


      Anybody experiencing the same problem I have?

      Installed latest version of Acrobat DC on a windows 10 platform. I can and read PDF fine but when I try to save the "save as" window won't open. I get four flashing cubes and that's it


      I have re-installed latest version but still the same problem



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          AadeshSingh Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi cubo1955,


          Please open Reader, navigate to Help menu & repair the installation. Also check for the updates under the Help menu, if any please install.


          If the issue persist, please open Reader, navigate to Edit menu -> Preferences -> General -> un-check "Show online storage when saving files". Click "Ok" to confirm the changes.


          Now try replicating the issue, let us know how it goes.




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            hooshier1986 Level 1

            I have the exact same issue with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.


            I've tried all posted solutions, including the solutions mentioned above to no avail. It is impossible to "save" or "save as" any PDF. I've tried approximately 50 different ones at this point.


            Tried repairing, completely fresh install (after using Adobe Clean tool), fiddled with potential Antivirus conflicts, tried the "trial" version, the only thing I HAVE NOT done yet is tried installing a much older version, but I did try re-installing the previous version right before the 2.0050 version.


            Tried running in compatibility settings - XP - SP3, Windows 7, tried running as administrator, thought it might be a write access, privilege problem so I tried saving to multiple different locations, tried clearing all AppData cached information in Local and Roaming. Any other advice other than the generic repair / re-install will be extremely helpful at this point as this issue seems to be quite prevalent with zero guidance on what to do after the already extremely abundant, yet same, proffered solutions.

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              cubo1955 Level 1

              thanks for the reply. this has been driving me nuts as well. NONE of the

              "solutions" I have been suggested work at all and so I just dumped adobe

              reader altogether and downloaded foxit 8.0. problem solved




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                hooshier1986 Level 1

                Hey Cubo,


                I've been thinking of doing the exact same thing. I really like Adobe and their products, but the fact that they technically don't even offer a life customer support option to this product, and the fact that this seemingly is an issue that has been plaguing them for more than a year, is ridiculous that I can't find one comment from Adobe suggesting a fix that has been confirmed 100% to fix this issue.


                Thank you for the reply, i'll have to give foxit a look.

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                  cubo1955 Level 1

                  I agree. Pretty crazy you cant talk to a human there. For me its a big deal as i travel and need to print out boarding cards for example.


                  So foxit has been working fine


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                    AadeshSingh Adobe Employee (Admin)

                    Hi cubo1955,


                    Recently an update has been launched. Please open Acrobat, navigate to Help menu & check for the updates.


                    Install the updates & then try to replicate the issue.