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    Problem at read files

      I have opened, by fileIO xtra, several files with myFile01, myFile02, myFile03... :

      myFile01 = xtra ("fileio").new()
      openFile(myFile01,the moviePath&"Test"&fileSep&"Tema_1"&fileSep&"t01.txt",1)

      Later I create a list (selectedList) with the name of all of them myFile01, myFile02, myFile03...

      By random I mess up that list. And finally I extract by this way:

      myQuiz_1 = selectedList.getAt(1)

      text_pregunta1 = readLine(myQuiz_1)

      Here, it appears a script error because myQuiz_1 is not the same that myFile01. And it doesn't read the file.
      How I can solve this problem?