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    Flattened png. files only render in black and white

    jhawtin13 Level 1

      I have been working with fireworks on a daily basis for over a year now, and I have never come across this problem. I think it's either a setting, or I have some sort of bug. But here's whats going on: I design websites and so I use lots of .png files (flattened of course) Recently all of flattened png files are rendering only in black and white. By that I mean I save them in color, and then when I save them they turn black and white, and I can only tell this once I reopen them. Even if I go into the options section when you are saving a doc, and I can choose the format, and then underneath that the palette, the palette itself is somehow always set to grayscale, and so I will change it to web adaptive which is my usual setting. Has anyone had this problem before. The only way around it that I have found is by first saving my project as a jpg, and then going back into fireworks and then saving it as a flattened png.