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    Unable to access e-books on Adobe Digital Editions - Transferred Files To New Computer




      If anyone could help me- I would greatly appreciate it! I recently purchased a new Mac. I need to dispose of my old computer which has the purchased e-book files. I transferred files from my old Mac to new Mac using  Apple's "Migration a\Assistant".  The program transferred over to the new computer and I downloaded the most recent adobe version. When I try to access the books on my new computer, I receive the following message: "Activation Server-error code E_Adept_Internal."



      I've tried looking through the forum and deauthorizing the account. In hopes I can reauthorize the new computer and access my manuals. I am not able to do this whatsoever. I've even tried contacting customer support with no success as they referred me here to this form. I'm stumped and desperately need these files for my profession. Please help!


      Thank you in advance.