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    table content not displaying correctly - if at all

    Frances White

      Hello.  I am sorry if this is covered somewhere.


      I have created a relatively simple table with one header row and 50 other rows and five columns.


      I have no cell insets and the cells are big enough for the short headings I have keyed in.


      However sometimes the red overflow blobs appear instead.  I can move table slightly and everything displays perfectly again.


      Then the text does not appear vertically centred in cell.    Then if I move table slightly it displays correctly again.


      There is nothing else on my page but the table is behaving as if it is running around something.  I checked and ensured text wrap is off but as stated there is nothing else on the page anyway.


      Sometimes the grid of my table shows but all cells are empty.   If I shift the table around the page I can find a place eventually where it is displaying correctly.

      One small move and its back to empty cells, red blobs and incorrectly alignment.


      I am really puzzled.  I have used tables many times and always found them easy enough until now.


      Hyphenation is not an issue here.


      Any ideas?  What am I missing?  I am using Indesign CS5.5.