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    Why isn't there a Main Category for Education?

    Maddyu Level 1

      I want to upload images specifically related to education, however, in the upload panel under main category there is no option for education.  I have absolutely no idea where to put i.e. ABC's and 123's, etc in business/industry related categories.   I am like in shock that Adobe doesn't have an education category in Adobe Stock.   Any suggestions where I should put all stock in relation to education be placed? Lifestyles.....????

      What about history?



      Science there is a category but not in relation to education....

      Grade Levels?

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          marog-pixcells Adobe Community Professional

          AdobeStock: Lifestyle

          Fotolia: Lifestyle > Education (optional: Exams / Graduation / High School / School / University)


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            Maddyu Level 1

            Thanks for the reply marog-pixcells

            Unfortunately, you don't have that option to create the path you suggested....Educational market is too big of market to be placed in that manner (i.e. main category: lifestyle, technology, science, etc).  Also you only have one option for  "Main Category" when you upload an image, so the path you suggested woiuldn't work.  I wouldn't consider education as an lifestyle, either. Nor would a teacher or student either. i think. For students all its going to do is confuse students....


            Then you have a problem with keywords  (i.e. paths) when they are placed in the wrong main category too.


            I don't get why Adobe has education separated (Adobe CC for teachers & student & Adobe Education Exchange) but has not separated Adobe Stock or provided a main category for education? For a teacher getting stock for their classroom isn't going to be extra hard to search for.

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              marog-pixcells Adobe Community Professional

              I understand you absolutely. 

              AdobeStock is now in the beta version.

              Fotolia`s sub-categories are presumably in the next update of AdobeStock.


              "SINGLE DATABASE: Adobe Stock and Fotolia are a single data base,

              a single backbone. Wherever you are contributing from, your content will sell on both platforms. "

              source: https://blog.fotolia.com/us/2016/09/20/adobe-stock-contributor-portal-launches/





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                MatHayward Adobe Employee

                Hi Madra,


                Thanks for your question and concern. We did extensive surveys with Fotolia contributors asking for feedback regarding the upload process as it existed. A very consistent pain point listed was the complex category and sub-category system in place. As a result, we simplified the list and made it much more broad to ease the process. From what I understand, the categories are not used on a regular basis for search assistance as keywords are the most common way to find your content. I understand that the categories listed aren't going to cover every possible image scenario. The list would be never ending if it did.


                My advice is to select the category that best relates to your subject even if it is a bit on the abstract side. As an example, If the image is of a child doing homework I would select "people" as the subject. If the image is of actual numbers as in a math equation but there are no people solving the problem I would select "business" from the current list. Clearly, that isn't the perfect category however, it won't matter as long as you are careful to list good, relevant keywords (the most relevant in the first 7).


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                Mat Hayward