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    "Add to trusted certificates" button is grayed out. Why?


      And at the top of the document it says "The validity of the document certification is unknown. The author could not be verified." Can anyone help with this?

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi sarahr9691477,


          You might try the following steps for Acrobat DC/XI:

          1- Launch Acrobat>navigate to Edit menu> select Preferences

          preferences without application name.png


          2- Under Preferences>select Signatures in the left hand pane.


          trusted certificates1.png


          3- Select Trusted Certificates in the left hand pane, select the certificate for which you want to change settings>select Edit Trust

          trusted certificates2.png


          4- Select the following check boxes under Edit Certificate Trust and click OK.

               - Use this certificate as a trusted root

               (ii)- Signed documents or data (if its not already)

               (iii)- Certified documents

               (iv)- Embedded high privilege JavaScript

                (v)- Privileged system operations (networking, printing, file access, etc.)


          trusted certificates3.png


          Let me know if it worked.


          Thank You,


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            sarahr9691477 Level 1

            Hi, Shivam. Thanks for your response and instructions. This didn't work for me--I think because my organization is not part of an agreement to have a third party validate electronic signatures. I was looking for a way to show approval signature on an internal policy without having to print the document, obtain the signature, and scan the signed document. It seems that in my situation, the best solution is to have the document lock down when the user adds an image of his or her signature with "Fill and Sign" signature button. If anyone has other ideas for no-print ways to indicate approval on internal documents when your organization hasn't yet committed to a digital signature program, I would love to hear about them. Thanks. --Sarah