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    LR Mobile on Android knocking out my Galaxy Note 4

    realmasters Level 1



      I am running v2.1.1 of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on my Galaxy Note 4 running Android v6.0.1.


      The new in-app camera looks like an excellent improvement and I would love to use it but I find that the phone completely switches off after taking only 2 or 3 photos. Not only does it switch off, I have to remove / replace the battery to be able to turn it on again (luckily I can do this on the Note 4).


      I have uninstalled LRM, turned the phone off and on again, and reinstalled the app, but the problem persists.


      I can use the standard camera to take unlimited photos with no problem.


      - Is this a known problem?

      - Are there any other tests I can perform to isolate the problem?

      - Does the app produce log files that I could send to Adobe (if interested)?