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    Trouble with Find Nearby Missing Photos


      First off, I saw the post where the OP posted that he renamed photos and then the Find Nearby Missing Photos option was not working.


      I had photos that were on a network drive and I copied the photos to a local hard drive so that I could work faster.  After I completed all my edits, I deleted the local copy of the raw files.  I thought that I could just click on the '!' icon on a single photo and link it back to the raw file that is on my network drive.


      The problem I am running into is that only the photo that I selected is linked even though the Find Nearby Missing Photos option is turned on.  I have not renamed my raw files in any way.  Right now, I am linking each file one at a time and I have to go through 130 raw files.  I just wanted to check here to see if there is another solution.


      Hopefully, I'll get one before I finish going through each file one by one


      Thank you,


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          dj_paige Level 10

          You can reconnect entire folders by right-clicking on the folder and selecting "Update Folder Location"


          However, you are creating your own problems here, problems that can easily be avoided. Editing in Lightroom is NOT faster when the photo is on a local disk. You will find that there is no noticeable difference editing photos on a network versus photos on a local drive. So the solution in the future is simple ... leave the photos on the network drive.