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    How can I recover a lost unsaved file in Photoshop Touch on my iPad Pro 9.7, iOS 10.35

    Kay Latona

      I was in the middle of an unsaved Photoshop Touch project (retouching a photo imported from iPad Photo in iOS 10.35) when my iPad Pro 9.7" screen froze.  I restarted the iPad but when I opened Photoshop Touch, my file had disappeared.  I subsequently enabled Auto Recovery (why on earth this feature must be enabled in PS Touch is another question altogether) but perhaps that was required prior to losing an unsaved file.  (I don't know how I even found this enabling button.)  I found information about recovery of unsaved files in other Adobe applications, but not in PS Touch.  Is my file still in the PS Touch app, somewhere in the ether or is it gone altogether?  If it is still intact somewhere, how do I access it and return it to PS Touch on my iPad?