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    AE plugins and viruses




      Just asked the Adobe support about viruses/malwares in .aex files, the answer was not 100% sure ("never heard about it but technically, it may be possible")


      No feedback ? are there .aex plugin that contain viruses ?


      Thank you


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I haven't heard of any.

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            miseld Level 1

            Never had any problems with .aex

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              imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

              hmm... I also haben't heard of any viruses in aex files.... ad i think that you don't have to be affraid of virus attack from aex files if you are getting all of ypour plugins from legal and official souces. If you are getting paid plugins from illegal sources for free - I hope that you will get a virus. I'm not talking directly about you Olywyer - but just in general about anyone who tryes to get something what is payed for free.

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                Olywyer Level 1

                This is definitly not about legal/not legal sources. Fortunately there are lot's of simple free plugins for AE, the question is "can we use them without risk".... I'm pretty surprised because I didn't get a clear answer from Adobe.

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                  Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                  Why would you find it surprising that Adobe cannot speak to the integrity of every aex file on the planet?   It's sort of like asking Microsoft if it's safe to run executable files, or asking Google if it's safe to surf the internet.   Anytime you download a file from the internet there is a risk.  Heck, everytime you go online there is a risk.  I'd be more worried about being online than using a plug-in.

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                    Olywyer Level 1

                    I'm surprised because depending on the way After effect works, aex files may - or may not - contains malicious code. Imagine for example that aex files are fully encoded in XML, calling AE based features from an API, in a secured memory (preventing  buffer overrun). This would be safer than aex file being "standalone" executable code, run from AE. I had a look into the AE SDK, plugins can be written in C++ with Visual Studio. My conclusion is that aex file from untrusted / unknown sources may contain malicious code.


                    Thanks for your feedbacks.