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    Halo effect and colour difference after masking out unwanted object. Graphics will be overlaid - suggestions for fix please.


      Hi all


      I'm editing a video where I've had to mask out an object in the shot (a plant to the left of the interviewer) which I have done by colour picking the background of the footage > placing a colour solid (using this colour) under the footage > and using multiple shape masks, which has kind of done the job apart from leaving an almost 15% colour difference, where I've masked vs the background colour behind the interviewer. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED IMAGE.


      I'm left with a halo effect around the interviewer which I'm struggling to control as she moves her head a lot and there is ALOT of footage to get through.


      I know it's not the best way to have done this but needing help now and would appreciate it.


      Wondering what the best and quickest option is for balancing the colour difference of the background(left vs right) and eliminating the halo effect and how to achieve this?


      It's also worth noting that the only time I will use this angle is when graphics appear on screen within the blank space, so a graduated overlay solution would also help me a lot if it would cover this blank space on screen as well as feathering the halo. One difficulty is that she moves her head.


      All advice and solutions for the above would be hugely appreciated.



      Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 21.37.28.png