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    Master copy being saved over after signing


      I have a master copy of a form my clients are to fill out and then sign, but when it is signed the form is saved over and then I have no master file. If I make it read only it fails to save, I have tried to give it a path to save as so it wont write over my master file but the best outcome is if the master file is not read only and upon signing it will save over the master AND make a save file where I want it to. I have a signature pad and I used the following java script when the form is signed:


      lcbSaveAs(this, "/X/000 - Onboarding/" + this.getField("FirstName").valueAsString + " " +this.getField("LastName").valueAsString + " Application.pdf");


      I also have the trusted function in the folder level javascript:


      var lcbSaveAs = app.trustedFunction( function (vDoc, vPath) {


        vDoc.saveAs({cPath: vPath});



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          Not a true fix, but I did a work around, I have a submit button with the same javascript running above so it saves to my desired location. Then I run "reset form" Followed by another javascript almost identical to the one above but instead I changed the save location to where I keep my master documents with the original name.


          Not the cleanest solution but it works, plus I have backups if anything ever happens to my "master" forms