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    Can't create shapes in easelJS


      I'm trying to learn how to implement drag and drop. I'm trying to follow the video and code at https://codepen.io/samualli/pen/xbVGpP.


      I'm trying to work through it methodically. However, nothing works. I thought I'd simplify by looking only at the code for creating a shape.


      I put the following code in the actions panel (frame 1) and hit test:


      //Destination Size

      destHeight = 100;

      destWidth = 100;


      var box = new createjs.Shape();

      box.graphics.setStrokeStyle(2).beginStroke("black").rect(0, 0, destHeight, destWidth);

      var destination = new createjs.Container();

      destination.x = 350;

      destination.y = 50;

      destination.setBounds(350, 50, destHeight, destWidth);


      All I got is a blank, white screen. I'm feeling pretty stupid right about now. Can someone help?