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    <option> tags cannot be selected after upgrade on iOS phones


      Hey everyone, I recently updated an app I'm creating for a hospital service to the latest phonegap version, and now I'm running into a problem where <option> tags within <select> tags are not functioning properly on iOS phones.


      The functionality works perfectly on iPads and Android devices of all sizes, but when on an iOS phone, choosing the <select> area brings up a screen-wide spinner with the various <option> choices laid out, but they cannot be selected. They can be scrolled through but you can't tap them and have them fill the <select> field and they don't fire a selection changed event. The spinner just stays up on the screen until you click on something else in the app with a click listener on it.


      Initially I was building my app through phonegap build, but in order to have a little more control in trying to fix this problem I migrated the project over to a local phonegap cli project. Both services resulted in the same problem with iOS phone apps.


      Any idea what's going on? It's the same with every <select> tag in my application and it's making the app completely unusable until I fix it. I can provide more information if there's something specific that I have forgotten, but I can only show so much since the app is for a client and they don't want me posting too much about it online.